Everyone knows that class is for daydreaming, right? So in this Skillshare class from DKNG Studios I got to dream that I was doing the posters for this year's recent International Klezmer Festival. ⁣
I spent 10 months studying in Safed (or Tzfat as it's actually pronounced) and came to love this unique city but I left before its famous annual Klezmer festival that draws musicians and audiences from around the world. The location of the festival is as much a character as any of the musicians or the style of music and that had to be incorporated into the design of the poster. ⁣
I didn't want to get too specific with musicians since this festival draws Klezmer musicians from all parts of the world and all backgrounds - they definitely don't all look the same. But every good Klezmer band has got to have a fiddle otherwise how can you dance to the music? Tzfat (Safed) is also a city renowned for it's artists' colony and the paint splatters are a nod to that. The city's logo is used as a sort of texture, as is its ancient stonework. And, I managed to get that blue paint of the iconic Tzfat doorway in there.⁣
It's all created as vector art in Adobe Illustrator. It was so much fun getting into the curves of the violin. And, the title is all custom drawn type as well. (That's just a small pat on the back to myself.)

To be honest, I'm not really a "Klezmer" fan, although to the average ear, I bet most of the traditional niggunim that I grew up listening to and still love sound like Klezmer. There's something about this music that makes your toes start tapping.
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