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  • Bereishis - Our Kushan

    So, folks, we’re here at the beginning again, a beautiful place to start. There’s something wonderful about the cyclical nature of our year and all the opportunities for fresh beginnings.

    The Chumash begins here, “In the beginning, Elokim created, the heavens and the earth.” The very first Rashi on Tanach poses the following question...

  • Crowdsourcing Shakespeare

    I’m about to give you an insight into the spaghetti tangle that is my brain by explaining what this particular nugget of information has to do with this illustration and a question that I’ve got for you. Strap yourself in, it’s a loopy ride.
  • Taking the Time to Face My Fears

    Quiet times are the perfect times for practice and improvement.
  • Deep Breaths... Here Goes!

    This kind of feels like the first day of school.