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Taking the Time to Face My Fears

Hey all!

So it's been about three weeks so far and things are pretty quiet around here. Quiet times are the perfect times for practice and improvement. So here's a little secret about my illustrations that you may have picked up on if you've looked around the shop well: people are my weak spot. I don't mean talking to people, writing to or about people, but drawing people. I avoid it at all costs. Instead I draw every other part of an illustration and leave the people out of it. I can do clothes, boats, flowers, etc. just don't ask me to draw a girl...

So, of course, I'm challenging myself to include more people in my repertoire now. What's something that scares or intimidates you that you would face in your downtime? What would your strategy be? (Asking for a friend...)


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  • Zul zein Bhatzlocha Rabba Umeflugah.
    Thanks for taking the plunge.
    Just love your new (ad)venture.
    Just Love you too💕

    BTW this is not for publication I’d never do that to you

    Di Mimeh/Tanteh

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