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  • Shining Outside the Spiritual Comfort Zone

    Rashi says when a righteous person leaves a place it makes an impression for while a Tzaddik is in a particular city, he (or she) is “its magnificence, its splendor, its grandeur,” and when he departs, “its magnificence has gone away, its splendor has gone away, its grandeur has gone away.”
  • Children of Kindness - and Discipline

    While Avraham worked on bringing the word of G-d down to all the people around him, Yitzchak worked on himself, i.e. elevating humanity toward G-dliness.
  • Life, Afterlife

    It’s the classic question: why does a parshah that deals very little with Sarah, and when it does, only with details of her death and funeral, bear the name “The Life of Sarah?”
  • Embrace Your Foreign Identity

    Hashem told Avraham to leave the comfort of every familiar thing he’d known, to go to a foreign land and to live among strangers and always be known as the outsider. Why would G-d ask such a big uncomfortable thing of Avraham?
  • Floating Above It All — Lessons from Noach

    There’s this age-old argument among the commentaries about what is meant by the seemingly superfluous word, "בדרתיו" – “in his generation.” Does it mean that Noach was a tzaddik, a righteous person, compared to the rest of his generation? Or despite them?

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